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Know your Grahak Mitra

Our Grahak Mitras are spirited individuals who want to spread awareness about organic food and also deliver it to people around them. The reason they are called Grahak Mitras is because as a person they belive in building a synergy of an organic lifestyle with people around them.

Do feel free to reach out to them even if you want to have a conversion around an organic lifestyle with them. Were sure as a 'Grahak' you'll find a good 'Mitra' in them.


Raj Chavan

Area: Mangalwar Peth, Kolhapur

Mob: 7030956295

"Food is an integral part our life. If eating food is supposed to keep us healthy and fit then even the crops that make our food must be able to make it healthy and fit.

That is why I'm motivated to help provide organic food to people around me. I'm motivated to create awareness about where our food comes from and how it's grown. That's why I'm proud to be a Grahak Mitra with Siddhagiri Naturals.

Hope to see you around! "