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Taste, Texture and Nutrition - All in One Biscuit
Posted On: 19 Aug 2021

Sugar makes every dish sweet and better tasting. But sweetening isn’t all that sugar does. Biscuits, cakes, toasts, and all the other sweet dishes use plenty of sugar for flavor enhancing. However, because of the moist nature of sugar stored too long, other additives are needed to keep the products from degrading over time.

Yeast is the most common ingredient used in bakery items to increase the shelf life without compromising taste or texture. 

But sugar may not be the best acquaintance when it comes to your body. Too much sugar is the underlying cause of many diseases. Overall, sugar only sweetens your food and tastes good in your mouth.

So, how and where can you find better alternatives to get the highly nutritious biscuits that still taste good? The modern world is more conscious of their consumption and their overall health. In addition, there are more bakeries, companies and large corporations leaning towards producing healthier snacks. 

One popular recipe for biscuits keeping the taste and health value intact are Ragi Biscuits.

Ragi Biscuits - Secret to a Healthier Snack

Ragi, which translates to Millet, bakes biscuits following the thumb rule of using no sugar. 

In general, it is always wise to start decreasing sugar levels in any sweet or even savoury dishes. You may start to notice a change in taste, which may create the illusion of lack of quality. However, healthy and unhealthy foods lie on the surface of consumption while the rest of the work or damage is done while digesting. While completely cutting off on sugar may seem impossible, making a routine decrease in its consumption can result.

Ragi biscuits, amongst other digestive biscuits, have managed to keep the taste, texture, and health value one can derive from the snack. Here are the typical ingredients and the process ragi biscuits follow to achieve overall taste and value.

Ragi biscuits are delicious snacks not only for adults but children as well. Here are the ingredients used by ragi biscuits: 


● Ragi Flour 

● Wheat or Besan 

● Baking powder is optional

● Cardamom powder

● Jaggery instead of sugar

● Ghee instead of salted butter

● Milk is optional

● Oats

No artificial preservatives are used in the entire process for making ragi biscuits. Everything used is organic to get the most nutrients.


After selecting the ingredients, here are the following steps to making ragi biscuits:

● The ingredients are mixed stirred well for a balanced setting.

● The mix is then refrigerated for over half an hour.

● While the oven is pre-heating, the dough is divided into cookie shapes.

● The dough is now ready for the oven at 170 C, with a set of not more than fifteen minutes. 

● The ragi biscuits are set aside to cool and are transferred to cooling racks to get a firmer texture.

● The storage process follows an airtight container to keep the biscuits crisp when you open them.

The shelf life of ragi biscuits can extend to three weeks at room temperature, under a closed lid at all times.

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